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DECREASING CHRONIC LOWER BACK PAIN- Premier Alternative Health Center


Joint position sense, also called proprioception has long been implicated in chronic extremity joint injuries when there is muscular or joint injury or degeneration.  Little has been done in the past linking poor position sense and chronic lower back pain.  Gill et al, in 1998 investigate whether proprioceptive deficits existed in a group of individuals reporting low back pain.  The results of the study showed that reduced proprioception does exist in individuals with back pain.  This is an interesting finding and demonstrates the need for proprioceptive exercises to be part of a spinal rehabilitation program.  In many cases patients note a decrease in the frequency and duration of chronic pain and demonstrate increased balance and coordination.  Since a major cause of hospitalization in the elderly are slips and falls, supervised proprioceptive rehabilitation techniques can be also quite effective in improving balance.  One common, inexpensive technique is simple seated exercises on a physioball.

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