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Every day our office is asked: Is Chiropractic covered by Medicare? Yes

Medicare has great chiropractic coverage. The copay is some of the lowest of any insurance company. Every person’s coverage can be different and the copay's can vary a bit, however most copay's range from $8 to $20 per visit. Please call our office with your information and we will check your coverage over the phone. You can know your Medicare Chiropractic coverage and copay before you come to our office. No surprises in coverage or unexpected bills. Our office understands that most of our chiropractic Medicare patients watch their finances closely and plan their expenditures.

Medicare's Chiropractic coverage is comprehensive and provides plenty of coverage to treat the injuries sustained by seniors. Our office is also very familiar with the common problems our seniors face and know how to properly treat them. We have chiropractic tables that we move up and down to help our patients get on and off the tables.

Neck pain and back pain are common problems that seniors on Medicare face, but know that you have coverage and we can work with you and your primary physician to help you feel better.

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