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An Overview of Common Sports Injuries Seen at Premier Alternative Health Center

At Premier Alternative Health Center, we encourage all of our patients to play sports because this is not only a way to stay in shape but also socialize with friends. At the same time, every sport has its risks and injuries can happen at any time. We know that when a sports injury takes place, patients want to get back on the field as soon as possible; however, it is also important to make sure that this is done safely. At the Premier Alternative Health Center, we offer the patients of Colorado Springs the care of a professional chiropractor to help them recover quickly and completely.


Common Sports Injuries Treated at the Premier Alternative Health Center

At the Premier Alternative Health Center, there are a few common sports injuries that we see. These include:

Knee Injuries: Knee injuries such as runner’s knee are among the most common reasons why people pay us a visit. In common cases, the knee injuries are relatively minor and just involve some bruising and swelling. Sometimes, these same symptoms might also indicate a torn ligament. Rely on us to tell the difference.

Soft-tissue Injuries:  Many sport activities can lead to soft-tissue damage resulting in pain, swelling, and bruising. Soft-tissue injuries include; sprains, tendonitis, stress injuries, and contusions.

Shoulder Injuries: At the Premier Alternative Health Center, we also see a number of shoulder injuries. Some patients have swelling in their shoulder due to bursitis. Other patients complain of shooting pains that might indicate a pinched nerve. We also see a number of rotator cuff injuries. We have the tools necessary to help patients with shoulder injuries make a full recovery. We will use every tool at our disposal to help you.

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We are here to serve the people of Colorado Springs in the best way we know how. Our goal is to help our patients get back to their normal lives as quickly as possible. We offer an alternative method of treatment that seeks to minimize the number of side effects and complications. We believe that the body has the capability to heal itself naturally. We want to harness this ability for the benefit of our patients. To learn more about how we can help you and the services that we provide, please call us today to schedule an appointment.

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